The Supplier column in a SIPOC diagram lists the important suppliers, both internal and external to the organization, that provide the necessary process Inputs. ¬†Here are a few supplier examples –

  • A medical records database supplies patient prescription records as an input to the nursing health assessment process.
  • A sales organization supplies new customer contact information as an input to a customer ordering process.
  • An external regulatory agency supplies regulations as an input to a product registration process.
  • An SAP report supplies data as an input to an inventory reporting process.

Customers as Suppliers

It is common for customers, showing up on the right-hand side of a SIPOC, to also be suppliers on the left-hand side of the SIPOC.   Here is an example from the customer service SIPOC on the templates page:

SIPOC showing customers as suppliers


In the above case, the Customer Service team not only receives corrective action information as an internal customer but also provides information on product issues as a supplier to the process.