Process Flowchart Template

Process flow charts are the next level of detail below a SIPOC diagram and show the actual flow of the process from beginning to end (see example and template below).

The most common symbols in process flow charts are rectangles (process steps) and diamonds (branches or decision points).

Other symbols exist for wait times, data, documentation, etc.  Here is a list of the most commonly used symbols –

Process Flowchart Template Symbols

Process Flowchart Template and Example

Here is a process flowchart example for a new employee onboarding process (here is the process flowchart template used for this example) –

Process flowchart template - employee on-boarding process


Here are a few examples of how the symbols are used in the above diagram –

Item Description
1 – Decision Point If the applicant passes the background check, the background check documents are e-filed and orientation is scheduled.  However, if the applicant does not pass the background check then the process is terminated after the applicant is informed.
2 – Wait The HR team waits until three days before the employee’s scheduled start date to follow up on I-9 documentation.
3 – Loop If the new employee has not submitted their I-9 paperwork, the start date is postponed one week.  This process of delaying the start date continues until the I-9 paperwork is received.

Basic flowcharts like the one above can be done with this Powerpoint template, but consider a tool like Visio for creating more advanced flowcharts.